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But if the swell isn't happening on the surface, there are things going on below the surface that will keep you from reading all those desert island books you brought. Fiji is as much a paradise for divers and fishermen as it is for surfers and the boats that take you to the reefs to surf will also take you snorkeling  or fishing on the reefs - and if you have never gone diving on a Fijian reef, you are missing the greatest Technicolor show on earth. As for fishing, you will understand why the Wahoo is so named, because these tropical game fish are full of piss and vinegar: great fighters and the best eating. Once you have had mahi mahi or wahoo or yellowfin tuna that is only hours old, you might never buy fish from Ralph's ever again.

Although Namotu island is a “Blue Water Sport Resort” there are all sorts of non aquatic activities available such as Golf, Volleyball, ping-pong, pool, massage, island hopping or just relaxing on the beach or by the pool in a lounge chair.