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Matanivusi Surf Resort, Fiji

The Surf

J’s is a fast, hollow right good from two to six feet. J’s prefers a high tide and winds from northeast to west. Best swell direction is from the west to make this right run the length of the reef.

Shiftiesis the outside point of the barrier reef, which means it picks up any energy moving through the ocean and is consistently bigger and more powerful than J’s or Vunaniu. The takeoff is in deep water which sets you up for a powerful, thick wave that can be tube city when the wind and tides are right. Shifties is surfable on all tides and it prefers a north wind.

Going left? Pipe is a hollow left reef rideable from three to eight feet.

When the surf gets really big, those who aren’t all that comfortable challenging eight to 10 –foot barrels can find refuge at Vunaniu, a short wedging right with a bowly end section.

And then there is Frigate’s Pass, a left reef way off over the horizon, breaking on a partially submerged barrier reef. Frigate’s is 15 miles from the resort, and it breaks from two feet to 12, at the northeast end of a pristine, 30-mile barrier reef that protects the island of Beqa. Frigates Pass isn’t quite as bizarre as Cortes Bank, but it’s close, because when you are mixing it up with the elements, showing what you got in big, powerful lefts, the closest land is 10 miles away. A trip to Frigate’s Pass is nothing to take lightly. The sun exposure is relentless and this is no place for engine trouble or injury. Matanivusi Resort ferries guests to the reef in a 22’ fiberglass Noosa Cat with twin 200hp outboard motors.