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Matanivusi Surf Resort

Matanivusi Surf Resort is an eco-friendly enclave built specifically to accommodate surfers – and family members – who are looking for jungle seclusion and challenging waves barreling through crystal clear waters.

The Coral Coast of Fiji is the south coast of the main island of Viti Levu, between the Sigatoka Rivermouth and Suva. Popular with tourists from around the world, the Coral Coast is about 60 miles of coves and isolated jungle beaches protected by barrier reefs. The beaches are protected from the open ocean by the barrier reefs and the inner lagoons, which are anywhere from a quarter mile to a mile wide. Freshwater rivers along the coast have created coves and reef passes, and some of them have surf.

The reef pass at the entrance to Vunaniu village has a series of right reefs, which Australians Brian and Donna McDonald came across around the turn of the century. Sitting around the kava bowl, obeying the Fijian protocols, they clapped and sipped and persuaded the village elders to allow an eco-friendly surf resort along a stretch of beach about three kilometers from Vunaniu. The McDonalds worked with the natural terrain and water supply to build 6 duplex bures. Each bure has two king size beds with mosquito nets, comfy chairs, en suite bathrooms and ceiling fans. The windows have lots of louvers and glass allowing guests to regulate how much sea breeze flows in and heat flows out.

Plank walkways connect the bure to a restaurant, bar and swimming pool, elevating guests a few feet above the jungle floor as they wind through the resort to the water’s edge.

Matanivusi is a surf resort where you won’t leave a wake of guilt behind you as you abandon your family and loved ones for a day on the reefs. The resort has a small fresh-water swimming pool, and an enormous saltwater pool within the barrier reef. Snorkeling in Fiji is a psychedelic display of tropical fish and corals that will entertain non-surfers for weeks. Fiji is as much a diver’s and fishermen’s paradise as it is for surfers. When your group or family gets back together at the end of the day to compare suntans and stories, the bar is the perfect place to watch the sun set and wipe a cool drink across your brow. And the restaurant offers fresh, healthy meals to resupply energy after a day in the surf and sun.

Matanivusi Surf Resort is staffed by villagers from nearby Vunaniu village, and after a briefing on the local protocols, guests are encouraged to make the walk into town to go to church, attend kava sessions and get to know the Fijians and their way of life. This is the complete Fiji experience, from deep in the jungle to beyond the horizon, made comfortable and safe for just you, or your entire family.

Matanivusi is secluded deep within a natural lagoon, and surfers are ferried out to the barrier reefs in sturdy, twin-engined boats. It’s a 15-minute trip out of the jungle to the crystal-clear waters out on the reef, to the reef pass breaks that you will enjoy as a Matanivusi guest.