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With a few exceptions, Fiji is the land of perfect waves breaking in crystal clear water on reef passes as close as a quarter mile from shore, and as far out as 15 miles.  Because the Fiji islands are volcanic, the coral reefs rise abruptly out of the deep so open ocean swells unload with full power. Except for the smaller days, Fiji is best experienced by surfers with some ability and experience.

One exception to all that is a place WaterWays has a special relationship with: Namotu Island Resort.  Namotu is possibly the only location in the South Pacific where people can expect to get a nice combination of surf ranging from quite user friendly, to semi heavy depending on how big the swells are hitting the four reef breaks neighboring the island.  On Namotu surfers can find Central America intensity with South Pacific beauty and water clarity.

In general, we recommend surfers traveling to Fiji have at least an intermediate level of ability with fair water skills.  The more comfortable you are in the water, the lower level of overall surf skill required.