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Mizata Surf Resort, El Salvador

The Surf

The main spot at Mizata is The Point, a right and a left breaking off a cobblestone rivermouth, in the fine tradition of cobblestone rivermouths around the world. The right is longer at 50 to 100 yards, while the left is shorter and zips toward the beachbreak at The Beach Break, which is divided into three areas: Boulder is on the left side of the beach, in front of the Lodge – a left beachbreak that gets hollow with the right swell angle and tide. Antenna is in the middle of the beach. Formed by a shallow sandbar, Antenna is an A frame that is consistently the most fun and hollow wave in Mizata. Don Miguel’s is an easier, beginner wave, a right beachbreak in front of the last shack on the beach.

For experienced surfers, The Slab is the most challenging, rewarding wave in Mizata. Best at 5 to 8 feet, when the Slab is firing, there is no reason to go anywhere else. It’s a short wave but hollow and packed with adrenaline.

Surfers staying at Mizata are also within range of all the famous waves along the West Coast:

Punta Roca
Perfection is the more suitable word to describe this wave, probably, one of the best right points in the world, breaking on a rocky bottom it gets hollow all the way through, giving you the chance to get really long barrels, and to feel the power and speed at its best. Look out for some big boulders in the outside section, booties are of great use in this spot. You will find more surfers on the line up here, but this is a wave that you will never forget.

Conchalio is a powerful beach break for tube riders, its sand bottom makes this waves very hollow. Surfing Conchalio from 5 to 7 feet is no laughing matter, but getting out of this barrels is just an epic experience.

This is the longest ride around; along with Punta Roca the Zunsal point can hold the biggest swells on La Libertad area. The ride is about 200mts long, it is a fun, hot dog wave for beginners to advanced surfers. This is a long boarders type of wave, with really good sections on the take off zone and the inside section..

El Zonte
This is another right point, breaks very good on an 3 to 7 feet swell range its a fun rippable wave with a few barrel sections, it is guarded by mountains and an impressive cliff. You can also find a left wave in the other side of the point at a river mouth near by. This left wave is not a long ride but it breaks nice and clean on the right day.

K59 and K61
Both right points, with rocky bottom and some barreling sections especially good on
5 feet + swells. These spots are uncrowded with just a few locals in the water.

La Bocana
The river mouth of Rio Grande, La Bocana breaks as an A-frame peak about 100 yds south of Sunzal Point. The left has a fast very steep and powerful takeoff with barrels on the inside as it gets shallow near the rocks. There is some localism at this spot since it’s the only consistent left in the country but kindness and respect is appreciated. The right is also very powerful and not surfed as consistently.

Uncrowded surf is the name of the game at Mizata. There are three places you can surf in this area, the Point, the Beach Break and the Slab. The Point is a right point break, with an intense take off and a lot of speed down the line, sometimes even allows you to get short but intense lefts. It is the longest wave in Mizata and breaks in front of a river month. The Beach break has a couple take off zones; Bolder, Antenna and Don Miguel, varying from hollow to mellower surfing. The Slab is the most challenging and most rewarding wave in Mizata, working best at 5-8ft. This is a experienced surfer spot.