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Mizata Surf Lodge, El Salvador

The product of Ricardo Rivas – founder of Epic Surf Adventures – the Mizata Surf Lodge is conveniently located between the cities of San Salvador and Sonsonate, and directly in the middle of El Salvador’s prime surf zone, with easy access to some of the best waves in Central America: Punta Roca (Puerto de La Libertad), Sunzal, El Zonte and K59/61.

Santa Maria de Mizata is a small beach village off the “Litoral” or coastal Highway 2. It is an hour and a half from San Salvador and 28 miles west of Sunzal, but it’s a world away in terms of crowds, water quality, vibe. Mizata is a town the world has mostly overlooked and that is great for travelers wanting a quality taste of El Salvador’s legendary surf and lifestyle, in a relaxed, surf-intense setting.

It’s not unusual to find yourself out at the point, in decent to epic surf, by yourself.