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Mira Flores Surf Lodge, El Salvador

The Surf

Las Flores:
This is an incredible wave breaking on a picturesque point lined with palm trees. The wave starts in front of the rocky outcrop at the tip of the point with a fast hollow section as the bottom changes from rock to sand. The wave then bends through the sand bottomed inside keeping an open face and offering more barrel sections. It’s a fun wave for medium to experienced surfers. Tides play an important role at this wave and some currents can be found.

Punta Mango:
Also known as Punta Silla, this is a fast hollow wave breaking down a cobblestone point surrounded by beautiful mountains, a tube addict’s paradise. Seldom will you see a local here other than your surf guide. Get ready for a lot of speed and some unforgettable tubes. Punta Mango is the east coast’s version of the perfect wave.

La Ventana:
Pure fun in the 2 to 5 foot swell range, La Ventana is a nice beach break for the smaller days. At La Ventana Beach the mountains meet the ocean taking the shape of a giant window making this beach a special spot to rip some waves.

There are more right points for you to discover in the east coast, such as La Vaca, El Toro, and others, come along and see them for yourself.