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El Salvador : OVERVIEW

If you’ve ever seen John Milius’ 1978 Big Wednesday, a lot of the surfing in the perfect right point that was supposed to be Malibu was actually done at Punta Roca, a right point in El Salvador. Seen from a satellite, Punta Roca is a perfectly shaped right point with a lagoon at the top and a pier at the bottom – a lot like Malibu. Now imagine Malibu about 2000+ miles closer to the source of all that south swell. A Malibu that is bigger, warmer, faster, way more consistent and a lot less crowded, and then you will understand the attraction of Punta Roca – and all that El Salvador offers.

The Republic of El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America bordered by Guatemala to the west, Honduras to the north, Nicaragua to the east and 320 miles of Pacific Ocean to the South. The topography consists of lush mountain ranges, volcanoes, farmlands and a narrow coastal belt featuring some of the most beautiful beaches and right hand point breaks in the world.

The thought of El Salvador often conjures thoughts of civil war, political strife, poverty and danger; however, much has changed over the past 15 years and El Salvador now offers an entirely new experience. As with many underdeveloped countries, poverty and drugs do promote robbery and petty theft in certain areas, but when traveling with local bi-lingual guides at all times, and utilizing only properties in good areas outside any city centers, your safety is assured as priority one.