Galapagos SURF

SAN CRISTOBAL is the easternmost of the Galapagos Islands and the most frequently surfed. 

Carola is a classic, freight-training right reef breaking into a harbor that is hollow and will satisfy your need for speed. Best on medium tide.

El Canon is a fast wave over a rock reef that can handle big swell but is one of the more user friendly breaks.

Tongo is a barreling left that can handle some south wind and is best in March and April. 

La Loberia is a shallow left reef with large rocks in the inside line up and a very heavy drop. Not recommended for the light-hearted or heavy-footed. Works on most tides, good on southwest swell, blows out easily but usually has waves.

Manglecito Point is a fast point-like left which picks up northwest swells. This shallow breaking wave offers long rippable walls.

Manglecito Reef is a left and right peak breaking just north of Mangelcito Point. A consistent wave usually with better lefts than rights.

There are a few more waves accessible only by boat which will remain nameless. You’ll just have to come experience them for yourself.