The Galapagos put the “wild” in “wild life.” Out here on the equator, where cold and warm water currents meet and species have thrived and evolved in abundance, nature is large and in charge and no matter where you go by land and sea, you are in the middle of it.

Hard to imagine a place with better snorkeling than the Galapagos, and you’ll find 50+ feet of visibility and lots to see at Leon Dormido and Isolate de Lobos. Just be careful to leave the reefs and the ocean as you see it, as just about everything is protected out here. Fishing is limited. There are tours to the highlands to see the Galapagos tortoises and also to the Darwin Research Station – continuing the work Darwin started in September 1835, when he passed through the Galapagos Islands on board The Beagle.

There is more wild life than nightlight in the Galapagos so this could be the place to finally read Origin of the Species and decide for yourself if Darwin was right.