Ecuador Surf Tours OVERVIEW

The Pacific Coast of Ecuador is about 400 miles from north to south as th Condor flies, but overland, the distance is two or three times that, as the Pacific coast of Ecuador covers about five degrees of latitude on both sides of the equator with all of those nooks and crannies, points and beaches, reefs and rivermouths facing directly into the Pacific Ocean and open to swell from north to south.

When it comes to surfing in Ecuador and Northern Peru our man Roberto Man on the Ground knows every inch of the coast – from Manta and Monpiche for north swells to Playas and Salinas for south swells.  For those who want to explore across the boarder there are also good options for N and S swells in the northern reaches of Peru. Roberto and his experienced surf guides are all accomplished surfers who know Ecuador and their neighbor to the south upside down and backwards, because it’s their home.

Getting good surf in Ecuador takes local knowledge of swell direction, winds, tide and which nook or cranny to hit on any given day. Roberto and his crew have been guiding surfers utilizing one of their 4x4 vehicles from one end of Ecuador to the other. They are very experienced dealing with surfers of various skill levels who might be short on time but long for warm, uncrowded surf.

Ecuador is only four hours from Miami, and it’s possible for surfers arriving in the morning to be getting shacked by the afternoon. And after the surf, there is the tropical Ecuadorian cuisine, the night life of Montanita and just a good vibration of surfing warm, perfect waves with just a few of your friends and the reminder that surfing is all about fun.