What to do on your Costa Rica Surf Trip When You're not Surfing Images

Zancudo Surf Lodge - OTHER ACTIVITIES

Staying at Zancudo Lodge and not fishing is like surfing 17 Mile Drive and not golfing Pebble Beach. For 20 years, the Zancudo Lodge has reigned as the top fishing lodge in Costa Rica, and surfers who are there to surf can enjoy the non-surfing hours going after a variety of fish that would make SpongeBob drop his square pant. Boats go out into the deep waters for marlin, sailfish, tuna and dorado offshore and rooster fish, and fish off the beach and in the estuary for snappers, bluefin, trevally, crevalle jack, corvina, amber jack, triple tail, rainbow runner, grouper, sierra mackerel, barracuda, permit and pompano.

Because the Golfo Dulce is deep and equidistant from the Arctic and Antarctic, it is a breeding ground for humpback whales and other large mammals.

The scene on land is just as wild, as Pavones is on the edge of the jungle and home to an unending procession of sloths, monkeys, toucans, bats and a zillion insects and reptiles. Costa Rica has over a thousand species of butterfly and more than 800 different moths, 175 amphibians (mostly frogs), 225 reptile species, almost 900 different kinds of birds and more mammals than you’ll see in a zoo: Capuchin and Mantled Howler monkeys, sloths, White-nosed Coati, the Baird’s Tapir that can grow as large as 500 pounds, Giant Anteaters, Silky Anteaters and if you see a jaguar, consider yourself lucky – or unlucky. All of this wildlife is in parade and display by land and water, and it’s fascinating.

Zancudo Lodge is safely tucked away in a tropical estuary where a big river meets the sea. There are opportunities for cruising the jungle shore in kayaks and on standup paddleboards and the lodge also offers a range of eco-tours. This place !@#%@ on the Disneyland Jungle Ride because it’s the real deal. You’re in the jungle, baby.