Costa Rica Surf Adventures :: OVERVIEW Images

Costa Rica Surf Adventures :: OVERVIEW

Vaya con guias” is a play on the familiar “Vaya con dios” but for Costa Rica this makes sense: Go with a guide.  Costa Rica Surf Adventures offers guided surf tours for surfers who don’t want to decipher surf maps, deal with rental cars, or sit at Spot X with that awful feeling of knowing Spot Y is firing but not knowing how to get there.  Let the local guide you!

Costa Rica Surf Adventures focuses on the Guanacaste region of Northern Costa Rica stretching all the way up to Ollie’s Point, just below the Nicaraguan border. Guanacaste is one of the most wave-rich and consistent regions in the country since the Nicoya Peninsula picks up both south and northwest swell. It also enjoys the benefit of great conditions from November thru August (nearly year-round).  Not matter if you choose to stay in Tamarindo or Playa Grande you will be accommodated in luxury and style utilizing the best hotels or villas available in the area.

Priding themselves on service, local surf knowledge and superior transportation by land and sea, Costa Rica Surf Adventures are run by Roberto Sibaja, a local Costa Rican surfer who has been guiding groups for over 10 years. Roberto and his professional guides are dedicated to providing the best surf trip possible and they get there in Land Rover Defender 4x4s and/or a 28’ fast-attack panga (fiberglass panga) powered by 150 horses of power. There’s nowhere they don’t know, and nowhere they can’t go.

Vaya con guias.