Blue Surf Sanctuary, Costa Rica | SURFING

There are almost a dozen surf breaks within four kilometers of Blue Surf Sanctuary, ranging from beach breaks to rocky reefs to points. This part of Costa Rica gets swell from all directions and is known for having consistent surf, year around. It’s rare when there isn’t a decent surfable wave close to the Sanctuary.

Some spots can be crowded, but there is always a beachbreak to escape to if you want some peace and quiet. If you are friendly and courteous to the local surfers, they will usually be friendly and courteous in return.

The closest spot to the Sanctuary, and what we consider our home break, is only 100 yards away and despite the name, it doesn’t suck.

For advanced surfers only. A right point that works on most swell directions, except from the straight south. Suck Rock is best on low tide and when it connects, it can be a hundred-yard ride that definitely does not suck.

Just south of Suck Rock and still a short trot from the bungalows is a fun, uncrowded beach break that works on all tides.

Three kilometers north of Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa is a long stretch of empty beach with more than enough room for a wide variety of surfers. There are a lot of different breaks along here, depending on swell direction and tide, but the main spots are Brunneals, the Dry Trees and Roca Mar. Santa Teresa can handle waves to double and triple overhead, but the paddle outs are brutal. When the swell gets big and the beachbreaks load up, the local surfers look toward the points at Suck Rock and Mal Pais.

The outside breaks are a long paddle for more experienced surfers, but there are lefts and rights which will peel for a hundred yards barrel with the right combination of conditions.

South of Suck Rock, the beach break in front of Casa Cecilia is multi-use. An easy spot when the surf is small and the tide is right, but a serious beach break for experienced surfers when the swell is between small and huge.


A three-minute walk along the beach from Blue Surf, La Lora is one of the better beachbreaks in the area, so usually one of the more crowded. La Lora is a barreling beachbreak that takes in swell from all directions.

One of the most popular breaks along the Santa Teresa coast. There are a lot of girls, longboarders and occasional shortboard rippers all up and down this beach. Gets very heavy when the swell comes up, and only those who are Olympic paddlers can make it out.

To the south of Blue Surf Sanctuary – but not far by vehicle - the surf breaks in Mal Pais are:

A left pointbreak where experienced surfers go when the swell is way up. Mar Azul is best on a higher tide and is for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Called by some “the Teahupoo of Costa Rica,” this is a shallow left barrel that is best on a south swell. Black Diamond surfers only.

Around the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and just inside the Gulf, the breaks at Cabuya are an easy drive from Blue Surf Sanctuary.

A soft, right reef that can break for 100 yards. Best on a south swell on high tide.

A left rock point that breaks close to sore. Best on a south swell and high tide.