Aquadesiac Yacht Charter :: SURF

The Aquadesiac focuses on charters to Santa Rosa National Park which contains Witch’s Rock and Ollies Point and and Southern Nicaragua.

The two main breaks in the Santa Rosa National Park are Witch's Rock (aka Playa Naranjo) and Ollie’s Point (aka Potrero Grande). Witch’s Rock is a long stretch of beachbreaks with a big offshore rock in the middle of it all. The sandbars at Witch’s Rock change with the flow of the estuary, but they benefit from consistent off-shore winds from December to March, and can be a wonderland of pitching A frames for surfers of all levels. To the north of Witch’s Rock and even more inaccessible, Ollie’s Point is named for Oliver North, who used this area to stage troops operating in Nicaragua. Ollie’s Point is a right, of course, a wave that can be phenomenal with size and offshores.   There are other rock slab breaks available inside the park when the conditions are right.

Around the corner and up the coast, Aquadesiac also has access to the surf spots of southern Nicaragua. This is the area renowned for all-day offshores from the Papagayo winds blowing across Lake Nicaragua. Some of the spots here are Astilero, Guasacate, Popoyo, Rancho Santana and San Juan del Sur. Like Costa Rica, this coastline has a little bit of everything: Triple overhead reef breaks and beginner friendly beachbreaks, with points, reefs, rivermouths.