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Surfing in Costa Rica :: OVERVIEW

Costa Rica exports a lot of coffee, bananas and microprocessors, and imports a lot of swell. And that makes Costa Rica’s surf-lavished coastlines among the country’s most valuable natural resources.

A remarkably progressive Latin American country, Costa Rica was the first nation to abolish its military and the country has a long history of stability, lawfulness and environmental awareness that makes it beaches and points that much more attractive to surf travelers.

Covering 8° to 11° of latitude, Costa Rica’s 631 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline divides pretty neatly in half, with Puntarenas in the Gulf of Nicoya in the middle. WaterWays Travel focuses on surf spots in northern Costa Rica – aka Guanacaste province - which is a couple hundred miles of coastline from the Gulf of Nicoya to the Nicaragua border. This part of Costa Rica is farther west than the southern half, and the coastline bulges into the Pacific Ocean, facing from southwest to northwest picking up swells from all directions.

Witch’s Rock, Ollie’s Point, Tamarindo, Nosara and some of the famous places you’ve heard about are in this part of Costa Rica, but there’s another dozen or two spots you haven’t heard about but will be very glad to meet. Tropical sunshine, jungle to the water’s edge, empty beaches, friendly people and a reassuring feeling of safety and security. These are the elements that attract people to Costa.