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Puri Uluwatu Villas, Bali, Indonesia

The Surf

Puri Uluwatu Villas is a short walk from the top of point at Uluwatu, and it’s the place to stay if you’ve been dreaming about Uluwatu ever since you saw Morning of the Earth, or the webcast of the Rip Curl Somewhere contest July 2008.

Uluwatu is the Mother of all Barreling Reefbreaks, a left reef that is divided into several sections. From top to bottom they are Outside Temple, The Bommies, Temple, Outside Corner, Racetracks and The Peak – which breaks directly in front of the Cave, which is the entry and exit point for surfing Uluwatu.

Uluwatu is generally not beginner friendly. The reef is sharp, the cave entrance is tricky and only on the smaller days will inexperienced surfers want to paddle around out there. Uluwatu is best at 6 to 8 feet and can get as big as 12-foot plus.

The rules for surfing Uluwatu are to bring booties for the reef, make sure your leash is strong, don’t drop in on the locals, commit to the take-off and be very careful going in and out of the Cave.