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Puri Uluwatu Villas, Bali, Indonesia

Other Activities

To be perfectly honest, one of the activities all visitors to Bali do is take out a calculator, add up the assets back home and figure out how well they could live in Bali, and for how long, if they sold the house and the RV and everything and moved it all to the Bukit Peninsula.

You laugh, but you’ll see.

Beyond surfing, Bali is heaven for beach-goers and sun-bathers. The resort has a blue-water pool, and the beaches are just a short hike down a path and down the cliffs to the edge of the world.

There is diving on the reef and the fishing beyond. The Bukit Peninsula is set up for visitors, so there are tours to temples, farms, and museums; and be careful, the shopping is irresistible.

One of the pleasures of Bali is just cruising around by foot, horse, bicycle, motorcycle, car, taxi, bus, kayak, paddleboard, fishing boat and helicopter, checking it all out by land and sea, finding hidden beaches and villages, and soaking up the exotic nature of one of the most beautiful places on earth.