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Puri Uluwatu Villas, Bali, Indonesia


Puri Uluwatu offers a different kind of resort experience, with multiple options for accommodations. Whatever room you choose, from the Nirvana House to the Honeymoon Cottage, you will not be left unsatisfied. With breakfast and daily massages included, your stay at Puri Uluwatu will have you fine tuned for surf and relaxation.

Relaxation and luxury is the vibe in the Nirvana House, a two-bedroom two-bathroom villa, with sweeping terrace, and open-air dining and entertainment area. All floors are cool marble and slate, and the walls are made of natural ‘batik’ stone. Colorful glass blocks let light flow through the Nirvana House, and put on a glowing and unique light show at night. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and satellite TV. Ocean and Garden View rooms available.

You have probably heard that Bali houses are masterpieces of teak and marble, stone and flowing water – made cool and comfortable using natural materials and natural breezes. You can experience that for yourself in the Estate House. Huge limestone columns support a ceiling that is 4.5 meters high downstairs, and ornately carved open beam ceilings upstairs. The floors are hand cut marble and granite, which compliment the antique doorways and furnishings, all from teak and mahogany. Each of the three very large bedrooms in the Estate House all have private bathrooms - spacious and tastefully appointed.

The top floor of the Panorama Tower provides a 360 degree view of the surf below and the mountains beyond. The Panorama Tower has four levels made up of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and the Meditation Room on the top floor, where you can soak up all the natural beauty of Bali just by spinning on your heels. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and satellite TV.

Don’t forget to do things like go surfing and eat when you stay in the Honeymoon Cottage – the newest accommodation at the resort. The Honeymoon Cottage is a one bedroom/one bathroom love nest, equipped with an extra large king size bed, oversized bathtub and vanity in the spacious bathroom, adjustable lighting, DVD, home theater, and sound system. The Honeymoon Cottage has awesome whitewater ocean views, which lets you check the surf without leaving your bed.