La Walon Bungalows, Bali, Indonesia :: THE SURF

La Walon is within walking distance of Kuta Beach. Think of Ocean Beach in San Francisco: miles and miles of a-framing peaks, but tropical and an easier paddle. The reefs and beach breaks of Kuta Beach shift with swell direction and tide and wind and can accommodate scores and hundreds of surfers.

It’s madness, but a fun sort of madness.

If you aren’t ready to break out that big-wave gun you had custom made for taking off deep on 12-foot waves at Outside Corner, Kuta Beach is a great place to work on your skills – from beginners to intermediate and beyond.

But if you are ready for something more serious, the La Walon Bungalows offer motorcycle and car rental which will get you out to the Bukit Peninsula and all the wonders waiting for you there, on either side, from Sanur to Dreamland.