Komune Resort THE SURF

Keramas was at one time a secret spot closely guarded by Sanur locals. But then the spot began appearing in surf videos – Taylor Steele shot Andy Irons from a helicopter at Keramas for Sipping Jetstreams in 2007, and there is a video of Joel Parkinson and Andy Irons giving it heaps in July of 2010. Billabong ran a couple of Pro Juniors at Keramas so the cat is out of the bag – but it’s a pretty cool cat.

Keramas is Lower Trestles on performance enhancers – bigger, longer, hollower, more powerful, but with that same perfect slope from takeoff to cutback. Keramas is a perfect right-hander for 21st Century surfing. The takeoff is fast and sometimes followed immediately by a long barrel, which can be the entire wave with maybe a cutback or aerial at the end. Depending on tide and swell Keramas can also be a high performance wave perfect for carving, sliding tail and boosting airs. Up to four feet Keramas is okay for intermediate surfers, but after that it’s more suited to advanced surfers.

Keramas is directly in front of the Komune Resort, visible from just about every room, the Beach Club and everywhere else. There are lesser known breaks a short drive from Keramas as well as Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta and the Bukit Peninsula are less than an hour away.

Keramas and this East side of Bali is generally best October though March during what is thought of as the “Off Season” for Bali. During this time the winds are generally light and variable with good conditions throughout the day. April through September will receive consistently larger swell but trade winds blow onshore coming up around 10:00am. For this time of year it is best to have an early surf then possibly head over to the other side for an afternoon go out.