Komune Resort OVERVIEW

Keramas Beach is on the southeast coast of Bali, on the same side as Sanur about seven miles to the northeast, and about 15 miles from Kuta. The main wave at Keramas is a high-performance consistent righthander that is good from two feet to eight feet.

The Komune Resort is built between the rice paddies and the deep blue sea along an isolated unpopulated part of Bali; close to civilization but also far away. This will be the second Komune “surfing lifestyle” Resort and will certainly be as popular as the Komune Resort Gold Coast, which has been surfing all day and partying until midnight at Coolangatta overlooking Superbank since 2010.

Komune defines “surfing lifestyle” as a resort that has a world class surf spot as its centerpiece, with everything built around that feature: rooms, views, pool, food, drinks, entertainment, daily activities and night life are all designed to accommodate guests spending their day in the surf, watching the surf, talking about the surf.

Surf, surf, surf in comfort and style in a secluded corner of Bali. Three levels of accommodations from comfortable to luxurious with a five star wave right out front and others close b ythat will make you feel like a surf super star.