Surfing at Bobby's G-Land Surf Camp, Surfing G-Land Images

Bobby's G-Land Surf Camp, Indonesia

The Surf

Grajagan is an enormous left hand reef, where well-traveled swell from the Southern Ocean lines up and unloads over coral and lava in several distinct sections: Kong’s, Moneytrees, Launching Pad, Speed Reef/Speedies, Chickens and 20/20s. These sections of the reef all have very distinct and legendary characteristics but the important thing to understand about G-land is it is generally not for longboarders and definitely not for beginners.

Kong’s is the top of the reef, a wave that is not as long or hollow as the sections down the line. Kong’s is rarely under three feet and is the most user-friendly part of the wave, unless the swell is giant.

Moneytrees is the money part of the wave: a long, tubing section that is good up to eight feet.

Launching Pads is an outer reef that pops up on bigger swells and leads to Speed Reef: Fickle, but a 200-yard long barrel that can keep a surfer locked inside the barrell for as long as 12 seconds.

Down from Speed Reef, 20-20s and Chickens are softer waves for those getting their speed legs. And a couple miles inside the bay, Tiger Trails is a right-hander for envious regular foots. But be careful on the walk, its called “Tiger Trails” for a reason.