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Bobby's G-Land Surf Camp, Indonesia


Welcome to the jungle. We’ve got fun and games. Grajagan is on the island of Java, but in many ways it’s an extension of Bali. Access is through Bali, overland or by the fast boat known as the G-land Express; and to come this far and not experience G-land is to miss out on one of the sport's classic travel adventures.

The ideal season for G-land is May through October. This is the dry season, when trade winds blowing from the southeast groom raw southern hemisphere swell wrapping onto the reef at Grajagan and create some of the most perfect waves on the planet. Catch G-land when it’s doing the thing and you will stand in awe at one of the Natural Wonders of the Surfing World. G-land is big, long, fast, hollow, consistent and lacks nothing.

Pipeline and Teahupoo might be more intense than G-land, but those two waves are like drag-racing, where G-land is Formula One. This wave wraps and winds and barrels for ever and ever, and to make it from the top to the bottom is like an out of body experience. And an experience that surfers return to year after year after year.

From the late 70s into the 90s, G-land was one of the ultimate destinations/challenges for international surfers who wanted to test their skills in serious surf. In 1972, a surfer named Bob Laverty looked out the window of an airplane and saw impossibly perfect lines wrapping around the southeast corner of Java. Laverty and Bill Boyum rode Suzuki 80 motorcycles from Bali to Java to check it out. Carrying all their supplies with them, they got a taste of the surf that broke on the southeast corner within Grajagan Bay, on the edge of the Plengkung Forest. In two years, Bill Boyum’s brother Mike came back and opened the first jungle surf camp in 1974 – a maximum of 12 surfers living in three buildings, between the jungle and the reef.

G-land was commercial but remained a semi-secret until 1980, when Grajagan began to get media attention. G-land became a surfer’s household word in the 1980s, inspiring Boyum and his Indonesian partner Bobby Radiasa to expand the camp in 1985. Today G-land has full internet access, rooms with air conditioning, games bungalow, shows nightly movies, offers massage and serves up tasty and filling meals.

Everything falls out of vogue eventually, but G-land is as awesome a wave as it has ever been, and the fact that the international spotlight has gone to other locations is more than welcomed by the jungle jet set.