Blue Point Villas SURF

Blue Point Bay Villas could not be better situated for a vacationer or honeymooner wanting to have a serious go at the legendary left reef/points of Bali.

  • Suluban

    Suluban means “walking or passing under something” which could mean the coral reef cave visitors pass through to reach the beach, or it could also mean spending many many seconds riding deep in the barrel.

  • Uluwatu

    Uluwatu is the Mother of All Tropical Left Reef/Points, and it is divided into three main sections: Outside Corner is a shifty wave that’s the farthest outside, is best on a low tide and breaks from 6 to 15 feet. Black diamond only. The Peak/Inside Corner is directly in front of the access cave, and is best from three to six feet. Racetrack is the section that made Uluwatu famous, and launched a million trips - barreling wave that gets bigger as it throws and spits and rethrows down the reef.

  • Padang Pandang Beach

    Popular with beach-lovers, suntanners, snorkelers and also surfers, Padang-Padang means “grass-grass” and is about a mile northeast of Uluwatu. Described by Matt Warshaw as an “Exquisite left-breaking reef wave… an emerald-green tropical tube described by photographer Aaron Chang as a ‘rare, treasured and magical spot.” Padang-Padang was made anonymously famous in the 1977 movie Free Ride, but by 1981 it was voted one of the 10 Best Waves in the World by Surfing Magazine.

    It takes a giant swell and a medium tide to make Padang-Padang break, and is best at around six feet. When the surf is small, the swimming and snorkeling are phenomenal.

  • Impossibles

    The next fantasy lefthander north from Padang-Padang, the beach at Impossibles floods at high tide, but it’s a great place for reef-walkers at lower tide. Impossibles is so-named because it’s an extremely fast wave, which doesn’t allow for much except go go go. On the right swell, Impossibles will link with Bingin, the next wave to the north.

  • From Impossibles, the next waves are Bingin and Dreamland, all perfect left reef/points. Fantasy surf.

Those are the waves within a couple miles of the Blue Point Bay Villas – an adventurous paddle or a slightly longer walk, or bemo ride.

But staying at Blue Point Bay Villas also puts you within an hour of all the surf spots along Kuta Beach and on the east side of the Bukit Peninsula at Sanur.