Blue Point Bay Villas has three swimming pools, a gourmet restaurant, spa facilities and a coffee shop. You might not ever want to leave the place, but you should as the Bukit Peninsula offers outdoor adventure by land, sea and zip-line, and cultural happenings both western and eastern – from golf to nasi goreng.

A visit to the temple at Uluwatu is a must, as is Labuan Sait Beach, where visitors can witness the Ramayana Kecak: A traditional Balinese dance featuring bare-breasted men sitting in a circle around the flickering light of an oil lamp chandelier and chant the Hindu Epic of Ramayana, a story that goes back to India in 400 BC.

Shoppers will enjoy a short walk down the cliffs to the warungs that overlook the ocean – there you can buy local foods, and also arts and crafts to take back home for your friends, and your memories.

And if you want to make a special occasion even more special: a nighttime wedding around the infinity pool, with the cracking surf providing a bass line to your night of all nights.

It’s pretty special, but Bali is special, where the land meets the sea in swift collision. A lot of well-known surfers have expatriated themselves to Bali for a couple of seasons, or for life. One visit and you will understand why.