Blue Point Villas OVERVIEW

It’s been 40 years since Australian surf auteur Alby Falzon filmed Steve Cooney and Rusty Miller walking carefully down the cliffs of Bali, paddling carefully through a cave and over a reef and out to the dreamy, seemingly endless lefts that barreled under the gaze of the Pura Luhur Uluwatu – Temple Above the Final Stone.

According to Matt Warshaw in The Encyclopedia of Surfing, Uluwatu was “the first in a near-endless chain of perfect Indonesian reef waves discovered by early traveling surfers.” Those fantasy images, captured in Super 8 and shown to the world in Morning of the Earth, were the starter’s pistol for all of the tropical exploration that has happened since, from G-land to Santosha to Saint Leu to Teahupoo and all up and downthe Mentawai – everyone looking for a wave as perfect and empty and dreamy as Ulu was in the early 1970s.

In that 40 years, Uluwatu has been overshadowed by other waves along the Bukit Peninsula and throughout the Indonesian archipelago. But the wave is as dreamy as it ever was, and now the cliffs above Uluwatu, and all along the Bukit, are lined with homes, businesses, warongs, losmen and accommodation ranging from simple to luxurious.

Blue Point Bay Villas is accommodation that falls into the “simply luxurious” category. Located on the cliffs overlooking Suluban Beach -which is also known as the final “Racetrack” section of Uluwatu - Blue Point Bay Villas is conveniently located within a few miles of a half dozen of the most perfect waves on earth.

Blue Point Bay Villas offers rooms ranging from bargain-priced Deluxe Room all the way to the Two Bedroom Ocean Front Presidential Villa. All rooms are within sight of the ever-moving Indian Ocean, and surf checks are as arduous as lifting your head from your pillow.

This is the place if you want quick access to epic surf, and you want to surf yourself silly and then bring your tired, hungry, salt-encrusted, sun-stroked self back to a luxury place, where you can rinse off in one of three swimming pools, get a massage and then sit down to cold drinks and a gourmet dinner.

For surfers traveling with someone who doesn’t surf and isn’t keen on going feral, they will be content to lounge by the infinity pool and watch you getting barreled down at Racetrack.