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The Surf

If you fly into Bali during a swell and see all those lines wrapping perfectly into the points and coves, you can barely believe your eyes. Bali Surfing is further proof that the Creator is a surfer, or He loves those who surf.

Bali is a large island shaped like a top heavy figure 8. The bottom/small portion of the 8 is the Bukit Peninsula which is what many people are thinking of when images of Bali pop to mind. The south swells that hit the south tip of this land mass are split, forming a long series of lefts that roll down the west side, and a series of rights that roll down the east side. When the trade winds are east, the west side is offshore. If the winds go west, it is a short hop to the east side to surf some rights! But don’t dismiss the greater Bali area, especially the northwest end as there are plenty of options including beach breaks and river-mouths to suit all levels of surfer: beginner to Kelly Slater.

Bukit Peninsula West - essentially one long left point break, the ride begins with Bali's premier spot, Uluwatu. From the Outside Corner (12+) to the Peak (6-8 and hollow) to the Racetrack (4-6 and super shallow) Uluwatu has served up more epic surf action than any other break in Indonesia.

Next comes Padang-Padang, the mother of all flawless tubes: hollow and hairy. Then a section called Impossibles, where long, green walls reel for hundreds of yards.

Bingin is a clean, intense left bowl. Belangan is a big-wave wall. Airport Lefts and Rights and Kuta Reef are the spots for reliable tubes off the end of Kuta's international runway.

But it’s not all barrels over coral reefs. Kuta and Legian offer miles of shifting, super-fun beachbreak.

Past Kuta, Canggu is a hot-dog rivermouth break and finally there is Medawi, a long, relatively soft left point.

When the wind switches to the west/northwest trades in December, south by southeast is the way to go. Going past Uluwatu to the south face of the Bukit Peninsula and around to the southeast side, Nyang-Nyang is a right point around the corner from the temple at Uluwatu. Green Ball is a super-consistent bowl. Sri Lanka is a series of right peaks and tubes located one kilometer offshore from the resort area at Nusa Dua. And the world class barrel at Sanur is still one of the best rights in Indo.