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Maui Rentals and Britz have agencies strategically located all around the edges of Australia and even in the middle: Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Broome, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

Assuming you are renting a vehicle and ranging 200 – 500 miles in either direction. This is the kind of surf that is in your range.

Most likely Alice Springs is out unless you want to go sandboarding. Cairns is out because there isn’t much surf within the Great Barrier Reef and everything up that way is poisonous or carnivorous: sharks, salt water crocodiles, sea snakes, stone fish, jellyfish that will kill you in minutes.

Darwin is out for the same reason, unless you are going barramundi fishing or crocodile hunting, which leaves the following:

Brisbane is slightly inland but only 70 miles south of the Sunshine Coast, with all the wonders of Noosa Head – one of the best longboard waves in the world when it’s small, and one of the best waves period when the swell is up. Directly out from Brisbane are North and South Stradbroke Islands. North Stradbroke is accessible only by ferry and like a combination of the Outer Banks and Montauk: many miles of beachbreaks leading up to the headland at Point Lookout, and the right points at Deadman’s and Cylinder. This place gets a lot of wind, but if one side is blown, the other might be glassy or offshore.

South Stradbroke is the northern end of the Gold Coast and the start of many many miles of Miami Beach-like golden sands backed by an astounding skyline of hotels and condos: passing through Main Beach, Surfer’s Paradise and Mermaid Beach before the beach is interrupted by the world famous Burleigh Head – a wave that has been overshadowed by Super Bank, but is still great.

Super Bank is a few miles to the south, a miracle of modern science created by a sand dredging scheme that dumped untold tons of sand at Snapper Rocks, and linked together five separate spots into one incredible point. Tweed Heads is the border between Queensland and New South Wales and the start of 500 miles of points, beachbreaks, rivermouths and jetty breaks going all the way down to Sydney. Byron Bay is only about 100 miles from Brisbane, and well within range.

Because Maui Rentals and Britz allow pick ups and drop offs at separate locations, the thing to do here is pick up a vehicle in Brisbane and surf from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney. And then you might as well move to Montana, because it don’t get much better than that.

The Maui Rentals and Britz location for Sydney is on Gardener’s Road in Mascot. Pick up your vehicle, take Gardener’s Road east, turn right on Anzac Parade and left on Maroubra Road and you can bro down with the Bra Boys.

You could spend many weeks poking around Sydney, trying the northern beaches and the southern beaches and sampling the nightlife and all that. Or if you want to get out of town and find some peace and quiet, from Sydney you can drive north along the New South Wales coast and surf your brains out all the way to Queensland, if you want. Or you can drive south and surf “down the coast” all the way to Victoria.

The Melbourne branch for Maui Rentals and Britz are well up Phillips Bay and landlocked. If you aren’t driving directly to Bell’s Beach – which is about 60 miles to the southwest – you could drive 150 miles east to the Pacific Coast of Victoria and do the whole Victorian coast, including Phillip Island, Bell’s Beach, Winkipop, dozens of other reefs, points and beachbreaks and the Great Ocean Road all the way to the South Australian border.

Adelaide is also tucked up within a bay protected from the open ocean, but the southeast section of South Australia is a short drive away. Or go the other way and drive around 170 miles to Port Augusta and the start of the Eyre Highway, which will take you on the surf adventure of a lifetime, detouring to Cactus and all those desert spots along the Bight and all the way to Western Australia if you are game.

If you don’t want to drive all the way to Perth, fly there, pick up a vehicle at the office and head south for Margaret River or north as far as time and money will allow – all the way to Gnaraloo if you are game, or even north of there.

Or what the hell: Fly to Broome way up in northwest Western Australia. Pick up a vehicle there and do it all backwards: Down the coast of Western Australia, east along the Eyre Highway, connect with the Great Ocean Road, around to the Pacific Coast through Sydney and all the way up to Noosa. Trip of a lifetime!