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Whether you are charging the Eyre Highway from South Australia to West Australia, or cruising the Gold Coast, the highways and byways of Australia are a lot of fun: catching a rugby or Aussie Rules or cricket match at a local pitch, swerving around kangaroos and Road Trains, chasing dust devils or eating a steak the size of a manhole cover and downing it with a cold pint of the local for a pub lunch in the middle of nowhere. Most of Australia is open, empty and rural. The citizens are glad to see anyone in the course of a day, so they’ll be glad to see you.

Along with surfing there is sailboarding and kitesurfing when the winds are contrary, and also excellent fishing by land and sea. Australia is one of the bug capitals of the world (both insects and lobster), so the fly fishing for trout can be world class in the lower latitudes.

Camping in the back of beyond is also an experience. The Australian landscape will look familiar to Americans. This is where all that imported eucalyptus came from, and the Australian flora is similar to America. But the fauna is very different, and camping in Australia has a jungle soundtrack: kookaburras squawking, and there is always the chance you’ll see a wombat trundling along, or kangaroos hopping through the bush and if you really get lucky, you can check out a koala bear checking you out, up safe in a tree, chewing on eucalyptus leaves.

If you really want to get adventurous, if you are down in southern New South Wales and into Victoria, poke around the bush for the elusive Thylacine, a large, carnivorous marsupial also known as the Tasmanian Tiger. Supposedly extinct, there have been repeated sighting of this animal in that corner of Australia. Ted Turner once offered $100,000 for evidence of a living Thylacine, and that reward went to $1.2 million, then $1.5 million offered by others. It’s illegal to trap an extinct species, so get a photo or a video of this cousin to the Tasmanian Devil, and you’ll pay for your whole trip.