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All Britz and Maui Rental camper vans and 4WD vehicles are fully equipped with comfortable beds, kitchens and most have bathrooms, so you can sleep on the streets of Sydney (although your not supposed to) or in the back of Bourke and be perfectly safe and comfortable.

But one of the odd cultural quirks about Australia is that whether you are in the middle of a huge city, or out in the middle of nowhere, there is always a caravan park nearby. And you haven’t been to a caravan park until you’ve been to an Australian caravan park. As said above, the Australians cherish their Bedouin past and you can see that respect in the pride they take in their campgrounds and caravan parks. Surfers from elsewhere will be astounded to find first rate camping overlooking some of the world’s greatest surf spots, from Burleigh to Torquay to ?????.