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Durban / Mozambique Surfaris, South Africa

The Surf

Durban is South Africa’s surf city, with mile after mile of beachbreaks and rock reefs flowing north and south from the harbor entrance. The waves on which you will likely focus lie 30-90 minutes north and south of Durban and are sand bottom point breaks. The sand on these waves builds up across a rock ledge very similar to J-bay, and break in this same fashion – long and hollow. If the surf is not to big the rock reefs, beach breaks and river-mouths can be great options. If the surf is very big, the Piers in down town Durban are sheltered enough to still break clean at good size – check out the photos.

A couple of the more well known waves are:
New Pier: One of a series of piers in Durban town center. This wave is long and hollow with a jacking take off caused by the northerly ocean current hitting the pier and wrapping around the top of the pier. The outgoing current and incoming swell collide creating beautiful tubes over sand bottom. The best way out is jumping off the end of the pier and paddling like crazy in the outgoing current – or a longer more arduous paddle from the beach.
Cave Rock: a hollow right-hander which breaks over a shallow rock reef. Best on South Swells and West Winds, this wave has the potential to bless you with the greatest tube of your life or a good thrashing.
One More:

Your guides will get you to these waves, or any of a large number of lesser known or secret breaks. And if it’s flat, Wave House South Africa has FlowRider and FlowBarrel artificial waves.

Crossing the border from South Africa into Mozambique, there is a classic right point at Ponta de Ouro. The Mozambique coast is mostly beach break up to the port of Maputo – the capital of Mozambique. After Maputo, the coast swings out to the northeast in a wide arc. The coast changes from sub-tropical desert, dunes and shrub to tropical lushness more similar to Indonesia then South Africa. with surf spots up to the point breaks around Imhabane.

At Imhabane are several long, world-class, sand-bottomed points. There are very few local surfers in this area, and so the crowd will be anyone you brought with you. The Sand Spit: AKA “ The Mile Long Right” or “The Mozam Super Bank”, this wave hits a sand bar and runs along the beach for as long as you can keep standing on your board! Long barrels are very common. When this spot comes together there is nothing like it in Africa.

Tofino Point: The best and most consistent wave in Inhambane province. It sits directly in front of your house and wakes you up with the sound of cracking barrels. Sand bottom right point – deep tubes and carving turns.

Dino’s Left: Rock reef, best with easterly swell.

Again, this is just a small sampling of surf in Mozambique. This region is still ripe for discovery, and your guides have already laid the groundwork.

The surf safari from KwaZulu/Natal into Mozambique is one of the most exotic, far-flung, ends of the earth. African Surfaris will get you there and back safely.