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Durban / Mozambique Surfaris, South Africa


The word “safari” entered the English language from Arabic by way of Swahili. The Arabic “safara” means “travel” and enough Arab travelers made it down into Somalia and Mozambique for the Swahili-speaking people to adopt the word “safiri” for “travel,” while the noun for a journey is “safari.”

In 1963 The Surfaris had a top ten hit with Wipeout, and introduced into the lexicon a concept that combined the word “surf” with “safari” to morph a word which means a journey in search of surf.

African Surfaris is a Durban-based outfit which combines surfaris along the KwaZulu/Natal coast and into Mozambique with traditional safaris to the inland wild game reserves. They know this stretch of coast like the backs of their hands, and they provide a safe and efficient way to experience a stretch of coast where nature is still large and in charge.